Perl Programming Language
Perl Programming Language

The famous PC Magazine quoted Perl as the best tool in the development tool category awarding it Technical excellence. Perl is a Y2K compliant which is a composition of all the best features from other languages like C, awk, BASIC, and Sed. Its database integration interface supports all the third party databases which include Sybase, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, and other similar software. It also works well with all the markup languages like HTML, XML, etc. The work function of the interpreter can also be performed by Perl; it can be embedded into other systems. Both procedural and object-oriented programming is supported by Perl. There are several features of Perl through which Perl proves to be advantageous in reporting when compared to other similar languages.

  • Perl supports Unicode and also certain external interfaces as C/C++ libraries through XS or SWIG.
  • It is extensible over 20,000 third-party modules which are available in Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).
  • Web database integration is made easier with Perl’s DBI packages.
  • Encrypted web data can also be handled by Perl which also includes the e-commerce transactions.
  • Due to the various services it provides, Perl is also known as ‘the duct-tape of the Internet’.
  • It is the most popularly used web programming language since it allows text manipulation and rapid development cycle.